Exemplar Essential Plans

New Level Funded Small Group Plan

With the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) mandating coverage for specific benefits and driving up premiums, this can sometimes be an uphill battle for employers. There are a few different types of group health plans available, and it’s up to the employers to determine which option is best for them.

Fully-insured plans offer a great benefit to both employers and employees, but the cost to provide them is already staggeringly high and continuing to rise. Self-funded health plans offer lower costs and greater flexibility, but they can be complicated and open employers up to greater financial risk. After weighing the increased cost versus the increased risk, most small employers seek to come down on the side of fully-insured plans. However, there is another type of self-funded health plan that you may not be aware of.

Enter the Exemplar Essential Level-funded plans. Essential level-funded plans offer the best of both worlds, combining the cost control and savings of self-funded plans with the simplicity and protection of fully insured plans. These plans are structured in a way that feels more like fully-insured plans. The monthly premiums are created based on an assumed maximum liability for the year and are collected as a level premium each month over the course of a twelve month plan year

Last Updated on August 27, 2020 by marketing